Claim Guide


  • Phone your insurance company to register your claim
  • They will allocate a claim number to your incident. Everything revolves around this number
  • If you have full insurance and there are two parties involved, make the claim through your own insurer. If you are not at fault you will have no excess to pay and the claim will not affect your policy history at all
  • If you do not have insurance or are third party insurance only, you will need to know the other parties insurance company and their claim number
  • Your claim can only be cleared once the insurer has an uninsured declaration signed by you. The insurer will provide the form.


  • If your car can still be driven - come on in and see us - if not, phone for towing assistance
  • We will take digital images and prepare a quote for your insurance company. We will then forward this to them via the appropriate system.
  • Once the claim and costs are accepted by your insurance company we can book you for repairs dependant on your relief car requirements.
  • Some insurers will require your vehicle to be dropped onsite to be physically assessed.
  • Assessor visits are Monday – Friday and will generally require the vehicle to be left for the entire day. On this day it is unlikely a relief vehicle would be available but if it helps we should be able to drop you back home or to work.
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