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Fine Finish

Fine Finish has been around for over 30 years providing auto-body repairs to Aucklanders.

Our goal – Cars Fixed properly and People Treated Exceptionally.

A proud member of the Collision Repair Association, we are a certified structural repair centre. While predominantly a collision repair shop, we also will happily meet your rust and restoration needs.

With the technological advances being made in the vehicle industry, we remain fully committed to keeping up. Our recent heavy investment in equipment and training will see us maintain our place in the leading group of Auckland collision repairers.

Like all great businesses, we know it is our people and our systems that make the difference between us and our competitors.

In today’s digital age, many insurance company systems are internet based and here at Fine Finish we are fully set up and trained to deliver the benefits of these systems to our customers.

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The latest in quoting software and a full digital image audit trail throughout the repair process allows complete clarity and transparency to our clients, be it private or an insurance company.

As an independent company we join others to measure and test ourselves against many of the other leading repairers in the industry. This is done to keep improving our business for our customers and our people.

With a fantastic planning system, we are able to accurately plan and measure your job through our workshop, thus delivering you a faster and more cost efficient job, with a return date. Quality checks throughout and final inspections ensure a result we can stand behind, guarantee and be proud of.


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Fine Finish Fine Finish Fine Finish